History: A Poem

there is a story that lies forgotten,

buried deep within your bones—

beneath the layers of pretence and hypocrisy

that you have been taught to don

as camouflage;

it chronicles the tales of stigma

and prejudice that have been

imbibed into your blood

and the lofty morals

you’ve never understood

but nevertheless uphold

out of the vague sense of

obligation that resides

in the pit of your stomach.

carved into the crevices of your soul

are stories of savage wars

and blood-stained shackles—

of gods and men who conquered

the world and women

who were forgotten by it,

of empires made of stone

that were brought tumbling

down like sand by

the wheels of revolution and

of people who gave up

their lives for freedom and humanity

and the ones who lost

their lives to it.

history is a being buried alive

in the sands of time, an exposé

that is echoed in the footnotes of

every conflict that has divided us

and all the stories that define us.

— don’t forget your history

and don’t let history

forget you.


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