A Mother’s Heartbreak

I know it isn’t Sunday yet, but I wanted to post a piece in honor of Earth Day. This is something I wrote some months ago, right after I posted this article on my blog. But I’ve made some changes to it in order to enhance the flow, added some thoughts I’d missed previously, and stuff like like that. Let me know what you think of this piece by leaving a comment below 🙂

Perhaps it isn’t lovers or friends who are meant to face the worst heartbreaks of all, but mothers.

She nurtures her child in her womb for nine months, showering him with all the love and warmth that she can muster from the very deepest chasms of her being, how the Earth envelopes a seed in her protective embrace, shielding it away from danger until it is ready to grow.

But that seed will remain latent, unborn unless there is water. And so the mother feeds her child the milk from her breasts and makes him two promises: when she feeds him from the left one, she swears that she will love him with all her heart. When she feeds him from the right one, she swears that she will do everything in her power to protect him until her very last breath.

And then the plant grows, flowers bloom. They are painted the hue of a time frozen in a sunset forever. The child grows too, and in his mother’s eyes, becomes the most beautiful thing that ever happened to her. More beautiful than even those flowers.

This is where the child and the plant part ways.

While the plant tightens its roots and showers the Earth back with all the love it received, the child commits two betrayals.

First, he betrays his own mother. Second, he betrays Mother Earth, on behalf of the plant (because it is written in a mother’s fate to face the biggest heartbreak of all).

He uproots himself from the home that his mother gave him, the nest that she built with all her smiles and tears. He uproots her from his heart to make space for all his lovers and friends.

But he is never gone from her heart, and he knows that. So every time she asks him whether he has eaten and every time she tells him to come home and see her one last time, he tries to uproot himself from her heart. And that’s when she cracks, and her heart breaks. Like the Earth when you pull a sapling out of it. Like the earth when it has given away all its water to the plants and has nothing to sustain itself.

As if this first betrayal isn’t enough, he betrays Mother Earth next. He digs her up until her very core, drains her off her essence and uses it to forge tools with which he cuts her children down. And then he drains all his wastes into her precious water and pollutes the sanctity of her beautiful promise. As she lays dying, he burns her body mercilessly and digs up her grave, as if he can’t wait for her final breath to leave her.

But oh, he thinks it is alright because she is like a second mother to him, and after all, it is written in the fate of all mothers to face the biggest heartbreaks.

But perhaps, she will not be so forgiving after all.

Pray, Mother Earth, avenge them.

Avenge the mothers dying of broken hearts and drained out souls.

Avenge humanity.


4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Heartbreak

  1. My god!!!! Me as a mother today and trying to get “closer” to MY “second” mother, and continuing to believe in the goodness of my own mother, would love to treasure this piece in my heart for a long time. May you head in the direction of your heart as you move on.. 🙂

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